Nearby villages

An itinerary we recommend in the immediate vicinity of Chiusi della Verna is to visit the villages of La Rocca, Vezzano, Sarna and others in Vallasanta. Numerous small churches to see, they tell the history of this territory.

At about 1.5 km from the centre of Chiusi, in the direction of Pieve Santo Stefano is La Rocca, a village which formed in the barbaric era between 1500 and 1600. Here is the Sant'Agata church, an ancient church which dates back to 7th century, the oldest in the area.

Also in the immediate vicinity is the village of Vezzano, outpost of Chiusi Castle in medieval times, it is a village with houses in stone and in the centre is the Santa Maria Assunta church. It has the title of "Pieve" because inside it has a christening font.

A few kilometres towards Badia Prataglia you enter the area called Vallesanta, completely within the National Park. There are numerous inhabited villages here, find signs of history and visit splendid churches.